Pierre Brise-Bois is a very ordinary guy who has his unique name, to a Japanese priest came to visit another priest of a parish in Montreal, and by filling the baptismal papers, he separated by mistake Brise from Bois.

Little guy from plateau Mont-Royal, as he often likes to say, he has worked hard to gain a foothold in life.

Unfortunately in 2009 he was diagnosed with AMD. Macular degeneration mainly achieved seniors 70 and over, but at the age of 46, he holds this orphan disease gene from his paternal grandmother, who died too young and diagnosed with AMD.

As the father of 4 daughters, Pierre knows it is this gene and there is a big risk that his daughters be achieved someday.

He starts by taking control of their health and slowing the progression of the disease, ruffling physical activity. From that moment, his mission, find a cure for this disease.

With over 30 years of experience in personnel management, sales and operations, as well as in communication, marketing and commercialization. It is determined more than ever to bring together knowledge and educate as many people as possible to overcome macular degeneration and talk about prevention.

In 2013, having become an active runner, he launched his challenge to raise funds for research. Only for his cause, he ran the 42.2 k Oasis Montreal Marathon and delivers over $ 2,600 for research. In 2014, in collaboration with LaSalle consultation committee and the borough, more than 200 runners  have responded to his call.

By 2015 more than 485 and since enrollments are increasing each year. In 2016, after a road accident that left him with the sequelae, these activities are slowed down. But it does not stop him, in addition to the DMLA CHALLENGE, Pierre creates La Ran-Donnez (by motorcycle) and ZOMBIE RACE: all fundraising activities. For 2017 it is aiming to double the participation of these events. To date, more than $ 33,000 has been donated for research into macular degeneration. His determination will not stop, it is only the beginning, 2018 is promising.