The Foundation's mission is to make known to all, what is AMD, and do some prevention and make take conscience of what seniors are living and all those, who suffer in silence from AMD and Stargardt disease.

We believe heavily in research, all profits fundraising are given for research into macular degeneration and organizations that provide assistance to those who suffer from AMD & STG

La Fondation Pierre Brise-Bois is proud to introduce the AMD Challenge since 2013.  

In 2013, Pierre Brise-Bois was alone in his cause to run the Oasis Montreal Marathon

In 2014, there were more than 200 to participate in the AMD Challenge    

In 2015, we had 485 runners and 60 volunteers for AMD

In 2016 we have given 17 000$ to the university hospitals of Montreal on AMD research.  Since 2013 more than $31 000 .

We thank you for you support!  

Pierre Brise-Bois


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Photographe: Louise Brisebois et Pierre Séguin